Chanannait Paisansathan, MD, MHA
SNACC President

The world has adapted at a rapid pace during the past two years. As a result, we have transformed the way we communicate. The virtual technology and platform took off and changed global communication by storm. It worked, but in my opinion, something was missing. 

After a few years of isolation and shutting down, we start to reconnect, meaningfully, again with our family, friends, the community, and society. Ironically, neuroscience has also proved that our species live interconnected. For example, an individual neuron cannot interpret data precisely without the group of neuronal networks working cohesively. Recent discoveries confirm the interconnection of several brain regions as the base for consciousness, sleep, and memory. The same as my neuron, I need to connect with you. 

As I write this message, it is the dateline for the abstracts submitted for the 50th SNACC Annual meeting. I am extremely excited and looking forward to welcoming everyone back to our first, finally, in-person meeting after the pandemic. We have made a difficult decision to keep hosting the meeting in a virtual format for the past two years. Unfortunately, scientific discovery in neuroscience has slowed down temporarily. It is now a perfect time for speeding things up again. 

I invite all members to come and share your new finding, your best practice for patient care in neurological disease and critical care, and showcase the complexity of the patient’s procedure with us. I cannot wait to learn from you. Our scientific program for the annual meeting is packed with exciting new information in neuroscience. In addition, we also are planning to celebrate our 50th milestone of SNACC. The party is on. It will be great fun to have you there.  

See you in Seattle in September! 

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