Girija Prasad Rath, MD, DM
Editor-in-Chief, SNACC Newsletter

The scare of the Covid-19 pandemic is now more or less over, and it is time to reconnect with old friends, distant colleagues, and loved ones back again. It would not have been possible without a massive vaccination drive worldwide. Like many of us, I am also quite excited to attend the 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting of the SNACC (Society of Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Critical Care) in a physical format. During these couple of years of the pandemic, the newsletter regularly catered to information on the SNACC to its members and followers without interruption. It was, however, realized that the four issues of newsletter publication had uneven time spaces. Thence the decision to keep an appropriate timeline (Table), which could be enforced from the 2022 winter issue onwards. The newsletter guideline has also been updated based on the current requirements. Potential authors are encouraged to adhere to these guidelines while submitting their manuscripts.

Issues Winter Spring Summer Fall & Pre-meeting
Copy Deadline October 15 January 15 April 15 July 15
Published November 15 February 15 May 15 August 15

This summer issue of the newsletter continues to feature the column titled ‘Rendezvous with the Editor-in-Chief.’ In this edition, our guest is Martin Smith, MBBS, FRCA, FFICM, a renowned academician and the Editor-in-Chief of the JNA (Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology). This issue also highlights the preparation for the annual meeting by John Bebawy, MD. George Mashour MD, PhD is a past president of SNACC and is well-known for his work on ‘understanding consciousness.’ He is the recipient of the 2021 SNACC Distinguished Professional Service Award; Priscilla Nelson, MD, the Assistant Editor of SNACC Newsletter, has interviewed him for this issue. In addition, Prof. Nidhi Panda from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) in Chandigarh, India, is the WINNER in focus for this issue of the SNACC newsletter. She serves as the Course Director for the three-year Doctorate of Medicine program (DM) at PGIMER and is a Past President of ISNACC (Indian Society of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care).

In an interesting article, Lin Nan, MD, PhD describes the online neuroanesthesiology course provided by Tiantan in China. The Tiantan neuroanesthesia training program has been accreditated by the ICPNT (International Council for Perioperative Neuroscience Training). The Global News section covers the ‘Neuroanesthesia activities in Belgium’ contributed by Veerle De Sloovere, MD, and Vincent Bonhomme, MD, PhD. The global news also highlights the contribution of our global partner, the ISNACC, to the growth of Neurocritical Care in India. We welcome Jayanth R Seshan, MD, DM, an enthusiastic SNACC member, as the new Assistant Editor for the SNACC newsletter. He has been of great help for different newsletter items, as and when required. We look forward to his continued support for the global news section of the newsletter, apart from other contributions.

Do check out the ‘Members in News’ section where we highlight your achievements on a regular basis. Please do share your accomplishments with us.

I hope you enjoy reading the summer issue. Any comments and suggestions, please write to us: girijarath.aiims@gmail.com

Look forward to seeing you all at Seattle, Washington, during September 8-10, 2022.

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