Spotlight on the Research Committee

Ines Koerner, MD, PhD, FNCS
Chair, Research Committee
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland, Oregon

Brenda G. Fahy, MD
Ines Koerner, MD, PhD, FNCS

The SNACC Research Committee is responsible for all matters relating to scientific research in perioperative neuroscience in line with the aims and objectives of the Society. Current committee members are Ines Koerner, MD, PhD, FNCS, Chair; Linda Aglio, MD, MS, Lead Mentorship Subcommittee; William M. Armstead, PhD; Ansgar Brambrink, MD, PhD; Ehab S. Farag, MD; Nicolai Goettel, MD; Max B. Kelz, MD, PhD; Dinesh Pal, PhD; Donald Penning, MD, MS; Philip Vlisides, MD; Keith Vogt, MD, PhD; and Alexander Zlotnik, MD, PhD. An important task for the committee is the organization of the annual SNACC Neuroscience Symposium, a half-day conference that brings together neuroscience researchers to share and discuss their cutting edge data. The committee plans and facilitates the symposium and selects participants. The Research committee also administers the William L. Young Neuroscience Research Award, which supports the translational research of junior SNACC members. Committee members review grant proposals and select the awardee.  The Mentorship subcommittee recently merged with the Research committee to better align efforts for optimizing mentorship opportunities within the society. An important focus for the upcoming year is the development of mentorship strategies and related activities at the annual meeting and throughout the year. In addition, the Research committee will develop a new platform for facilitating exchange of research ideas and fostering collaboration among SNACC members. We will use crowdsourcing to survey the membership and identify high priority research interests that SNACC should support in the future.

Call for Applications

Research Committee is in need of additional members to support its tasks. We request that interested SNACC members send a notice of intent and a current CV to committee chair Ines Koerner by January 1, 2020. We would like to increase the number of women on the committee and especially encourage female SNACC members to join.

Save the Date! 2020 SNACC Neuroscience Symposium

Plan to join your colleagues and fellow neuroscience researchers to share and discuss ongoing studies and recent findings related to the neuroscience of anesthesiology and critical care. After the great success of the 2019 Neuroscience Symposium “Effects of Anesthetics on the Brain” in Montreal, SNACC is delighted to present the 2020 SNACC Neuroscience Symposium “Perioperative Neuroscience”, which will take place in San Francisco, California at the Parc 55 Hotel, on Saturday, May 16, 2020, 3:00-7:00 pm, coinciding with the IARS Annual Meeting. Mark your calendars and plan to submit your work for this exciting opportunity to share your data, learn from colleagues, and forge new collaborations. The format of the symposium encourages discussion and open exchange of ideas. Abstract submissions for the 2020 SNACC Neuroscience Symposium will open January 13, 2020.

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