Committee Updates From the 2019 Annual Meeting

Arnoley S. Abcejo, MD
Committee Chair

Dr. Abcejo
Arnoley S. Abcejo, MD

The SNACC Communications committee underwent new leadership change this year. With exceptional help from Laurel Moore, MD the outgoing committee chair, Arney Abcejo, MD accepted the leadership position with hopes of streamlining internal and external SNACC communications and increasing engagement with the society. Dr. Moore laid an excellent foundation on which to build on and Dr. Abcejo will build on her successes with the help of the entire committee to accomplish the following:

Website Renovation
Dr. Reza Gorji, newly elected SNACC Board member, will chair a new website subcommittee under the Communications Committee. There are certain optimizations and modernizations to SNACC’s current website at Under Dr. Gorji’s direction, we plan to (1) make it easier for our audiences to navigate and access desired content, (2) optimize the website to study readership and give our audiences what they want, and (3) provide a little aesthetic flare to make the site easier on the eyes. We hope to launch a new website by late 2020!

Communications Committee imageSocial Media Integration
Dr. Kate Rosenblatt will chair the new SNACC subcommittee for social media. With the help of new SNACC social media ambassadors, we plan on engaging our SNACC members and other societies through Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram, which is organized by Dr. Jackie Morano. Dr. Laura Hemmer, the new Education Chair, has been instrumental in organizing the social media posts and leveraging her own committee to improve engagement. Make sure to follow @SNACCNeuro on Twitter and our many social media ambassadors for excellent online content!

Our first JNA-cosponsored Twitter Journal Club will occur mid-January 2020. Get ready for an excellent thread. We will be using the hashtag #NeuroAnesJC to help follow the conversations.

Newsletter Reach
Dr. Fenghua Li and his co-editors continue to do an excellent job of creating informative and dynamic content for the SNACC Newsletter. But are we reaching everyone we want to? In addition to renovating the newsletter webpage via Dr. Gorji’s work, we intend to help extend our reach of the newsletter to offer the work SNACC accomplishes every day to audiences around the world. We will now convert the top articles into a PDF format. This may help distribution to other countries and societies. We also plan to increase promotional across social media accounts.

SNACC Ambassadorship
Communications is a vital component of any major society, foundation or organization. Successful communications, though, relies on engagement from its own community. We have gathered volunteers within this committee and within every other SNACC committee to help promote content and improve engagement into the society. If you would like to get involved, feel free to contact Dr. Abcejo or anyone on the committee.

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