Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) Neuroanaesthesia Special Interest Group (SIG)

Veronica Gin, FANZCA, MBChB, PGDipPH
Chair, Neuroanaesthesia Special Interest Group (ANZCA)
Specialist Anaesthetist
Department of Anaesthesia
Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand

Veronica Gin, FANZCA, MBChB, PGDipPH
Veronica Gin, FANZCA, MBChB, PGDipPH

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) Neuroanaesthesia Special Interest Group (SIG) exists to foster interest in matters relating to the perioperative care and anaesthesia of patients with intracranial and spinal pathology. This includes the application of basic and translational science relevant to clinical anaesthesia and our aim in the future are to establish a greater neurosciences network. The SIG has elected representatives from each Australian state and from New Zealand, and has a membership of over 500 fellows.

Scientific Meetings
Most of our activities revolves around the Neuroanaesthesia SIG sessions at the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM), Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) and New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA) meetings. This year’s ASM was held in May at the KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, where we discussed the Future of Acute Clot Retrieval; examining evidence from animal models (Prof. Fiona McBryde), pharmacological and physiological effects during stroke (Dr. Carolyn Deng), and discussing where research is progressing in this area (Dr. Doug Campbell).  Later in the year, we held a session during the ASA meeting in Sydney where we heard about “Lower Limits of Cerebrovascular Autoregulation (Prof. Anders Aneman), “The Role of Neuromonitoring” (Dr. John Yeh) and “Advances in Brain Tumour Anaesthesia” (Dr. Veronica Gin). We are looking forward to our future sessions in Perth (ASM May 2020) and in Wellington (October 2020) next year (Figure 1).

The next biennial Neuro SIG meeting will be a one-day meeting held at Te Papa Museum, Wellington on October 14, 2020 ahead of the four day Combined Scientific Congress (CSC) between the Australian and New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (October 16-19 2020). The meeting theme is “Connections: Linking Actions to Outcomes.” The aim of this meeting is to discuss about the advances and controversies in neuroanaesthesia and neurosciences which might potentially improve the chance of neurological success. We are excited to have Dr. Alana Flexman, Secretary-Treasurer of SNACC, to be our honorary international guest speaker, speaking on frailty and spinal surgery. She will be speaking alongside speakers from around Australasia on topics such as consciousness, stroke outcome, traumatic brain and spinal injury, intracranial surgery, and the influences of neurophysiology on outcomes.


Figure 1: Flyer for the upcoming neuroanesthesia meeting

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