ICPNT Continues to Add Accredited Programs to the Worldwide Network of Neuroanesthesia Fellowships

Shobana Rajan, MD
Trainee Engagement Committee Chair

ICPNT LogoThe International Council of Perioperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT) launched early this year and it has been huge leap in the history of neuroanesthesiology fellowships. After three pilot programs were accredited in May of 2019, three more were accredited during the SNACC Annual Meeting at Phoenix, Arizona. The pilot programs were Northwestern University, University London, Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt University and the University of Columbia. There are eight more international programs getting ready with their applications for accreditation early in 2020.  A big thank you to Dr. Andrew Kofke whose vision has taken us far in this process along with his active ICPNT team consisting of Drs. Rafi Avitsian (former President of SNACC), Lara Ferrario, Leslie Jameson, Alana Flexman, Shobana Rajan, Maria Bustillo, Ricard Valero and Chanhung Lee.

ICPNT banner stand
Leslie Jameson, MD (left) and
Shobana Rajan, MD (right)

Details about accreditation can be found on the website at www.icpnt.org.

The ICPNT set-up a table at the SNACC Annual Meeting where they displayed brochures and information regarding accreditation procedures. The ICPNT also set-up a table at the ASA at the fellowship open house in order to spread the word about accreditation.

Accrediting with the ICPNT has many advantages including collaboration between programs and facilitating exchange of fellows for specific rotations depending on the expertise offered by each program. ICPNT will also offer many educational activities in the future including workshops at the SNACC Annual Meeting.

The ICPNT has a frequently asked questions section set-up on the website.
Please visit: https://icpnt.org/faqs.iphtml

Workshops Offered by the ICPNT at the SNACC Annual Meeting

The International Council of Preoperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT) offered two workshops during the SNACC Annual Meeting this year in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • The Neuroanesthesia Essential Skills Boot Camp – Moderated by Shobana Rajan & Deepak Sharma
  • Curriculum Workshop offered by the SEA collaboration with the SNACC – Moderated by Shobana Rajan

Both  workshops were designed to deliver an excellent interactive educational experience to an international audience.

Curriculum WorkshopThe Curriculum Workshop - In Collaboration with the SEA

With growing interest in development of a curriculum for rotating residents and for fellows, the ICPNT and SNACC collaborated with the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) to bring many experts in anesthesia education to teach the teachers to teach. The workshop was titled “Taking the Mystery out of Curriculum Development -The Six Steps.”

The workshop was presented as follows:

  • Steps 1 and 2: Problem Identification, General and Targeted Needs Assessment – Dr. Deborah Schwengel
  • Step 3: Creating Goals and Objectives (using blooms taxonomy) - Dr. Karen Souter
  • Steps 4 and 5: Educational Strategies and Implementation – Dr. Shobana Rajan
  • Step 6: Evaluation and Feedback - Closing the Loop – Dr. Jane Easdown

A very dynamic group of learners who were educators and program directors participated with an excellent exchange of educational material.

We look forward to more events in the future with ICPNT and SNACC.

Neuro Bootcamp WorkshopThe Neuroanesthesia Essential Skills Boot Camp

This workshop targeted program directors, trainees and any physician attending the conference who wanted to sharpen their skills in newer modalities of diagnosis and management. The faculty were experts in their areas from all over the world.

There were eight stations as follows: Scalp block, Cervical plexus block, Cerebral oximetry, Transcranial Doppler, SSEP, MEP, Raw EEG, and processed EEG. We registered 40 participants with five at each station. A time of 30 minutes was allotted per station and this gave ample time for the participants to have a hands-on experience. The total duration was four hours.

Dr. David Highton
Dr. David Highton (standing) at the cerebral oximetry station.
Drs. rene Osborn and Eman Nada
Dr. Irene Osborn and Dr. Eman Nada
teaching scalp blocks during the Neuroanesthesia Essential Skills Boot Camp Workshop.

We thank the faculty, Drs. Irene Osborn, Eman Nada, Sree Kolli, David Highton, Ryan Pong, Girija Rath, Antoun Koht, Laura Hemmer, Leslie Jameson, Michail Avramov, Paul Garcia, Jamie Sleigh and Matthew Whalin. A special thank you to Dr. Antoun Koht, who not only organized the neuromonitoring stations, but also helped with organization of the workshop as a whole.

The workshop was completely sold out and it was a great experience for the participants to learn from the elite faculty.










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