The Membership Committee Asks That You Invite JUST ONE to Join SNACC

Marie Angele Théard, MD
Chair, Membership Committee

William M. Armstead, PhD
Marie Angele Théard, MD

The membership committee invites all of our SNACC members to share with their colleagues, friends, and trainees all of the myriad benefits and value of membership in SNACC. We would like to invite all of you to invite just ONE COLLEAGUE OR TRAINEE TO JOIN SNACC THIS YEAR. This will add even more diverse voices, ideas, and support to our well-established group of dedicated scientists, clinicians, educators, leaders, and trainees. In an effort to help with this program, a new component of the membership committee this year is a Global Outreach subcommittee. This subgroup, under the direction of Dr. Girija Rath, will focus on increasing our worldwide SNACC membership - integral to ensuring a diverse group of like-minded neuroanesthesiologists and neuroscientists.  

What is the Value of SNACC?
While SNACC’s mission of improving care of the neurologically impaired through education and neuroscience research is enormous, we as members of a dynamic and forward-thinking organization have an opportunity to gain so much more. The educational experience offered by the plethora of information on our website assures us that we are up to date on all aspects of neurological anesthetic care and disease. But there is still MORE for members of SNACC. Opportunities for mentorship, engagement and leadership are all immeasurable benefits for our sense of accomplishment, career satisfaction, and leadership prospects.

Engagement with fellow members of SNACC, while serving on a host of different committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), affords members opportunities to help out in areas which interest them as well as an opening for discovering hidden talents. From the Scientific Affairs Committee, focused on reviewing abstracts and developing a robust mentorship program, to work on the Communication Committee with its focus on the use of social media to increase our exposure, to the Trainee Education Committee whose members include a group of innovativel thinkers interested in learning more about neuroanesthesia, there is no doubt that there is something for everyone. A variety of SIGs offers an opportunity for members to delve more deeply into understanding and providing up-to-date recommendations in the management of TBI, the benefits of neuromonitoring, mitigating the risk of neurocognitive disorders, anesthetic management of spine surgery and insights into neuroanesthesia education. Networking opportunities are abundant and often lead to valued long-term mentoring relationships. 

For many, leadership is a natural culmination of work in both the clinical and research areas of academe as well as in the private sector. Leading our SNACC committees and SIGs requires bright ideas supported by an active BOD.  These opportunities are integral to fostering the professional growth and self-development of our interested SNACC membership as well as augmenting the strength of our organization. For many, these opportunities to lead committee participation, as well as consideration for BOD involvement, and are a helpful factor for promotion in their home institution. Being part of implementing ideas that come to life can be exciting, meaningful and inspirational. Please share your experiences in SNACC with potential members as you spread the word. We look forward to updating everyone about the progress of our membership campaign together with a few new ideas in the upcoming months! We also welcome your ideas for increasing our membership and we look forward to welcoming any new members to our committee. 

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