International Council on Perioperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT) Forms New Committee: The Neuroanesthesia Program Relations (NPR) Committee

John F. Bebawy, MD
SNACC Board of Directors
Chair, ICPNT NPR Committee

Dr. John Bebawy
John F. Bebawy, MD

This has been an exciting first year for the ICPNT and the move to accreditation for Neuroanesthesiology and Perioperative Neuroscience fellowships worldwide! Under the visionary guidance and tireless efforts of Dr. Andrew Kofke, the ICPNT (a Council of SNACC) has been established with the vision of accrediting Neuroanesthesiology and Perioperative Neuroscience fellowships, not only to ensure a standard by which to qualify and measure fellowship programs, but more so, to foster a truly international understanding of how fellowships can learn from each other to improve the training of their fellows towards improving care of the neurologically-impaired patient.

With this goal in mind, the board of the ICPNT envisioned a committee to begin to foster these relations for the scientific, educational and professional benefit of accredited programs and their fellows. The vision of the NPR Committee, when fully realized, is to be a central source of oversight and development of an international network of accredited Neuroanesthesiology and Perioperative Neuroscience fellowships that are dedicated to education, research, professional collaboration and the advancement of clinical care worldwide. In essence, this committee’s mission is to serve as a vehicle by which accredited fellowship programs, their fellows and their faculty can begin to reap the great benefits of becoming, and being accredited by and within, the ICPNT network.

While the NPR committee is still in its infancy, its mission is clear.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Neuroanesthesia Program Relations (NPR) committee is to foster academic and professional relations and networking among ICPNT accredited programs.  This committee’s tasks will include:

  • Supporting the sharing of educational, scientific, and professional ideas among programs
  • Organizing educational sessions and workshops (for both practical and cognitive essentials of neuroanesthesia and perioperative neuroscience practice) at the SNACC Annual Meeting and other meetings for the benefit of program fellows and faculty
  • Organizing virtual educational and simulation sessions for the sharing of cognitive educational activities and high-fidelity simulation scenarios, respectively, for program fellows and faculty
  • Providing a networking resource by which fellows and program faculty may communicate to share educational, professional, and collaborative research opportunities and coordinate fellow extramural opportunities at other ICPNT accredited programs

With many fellowship programs having been ICPNT-accredited already across the world, and more on the way, we urge you to support this important endeavor, to consider inclusion of your own program (when the application process becomes available to all programs in the near future), and to both participate and benefit from this truly international network, with the aim of training true clinical and academic experts in the field of neuroanesthesiology and perioperative neuroscience, thereby advancing our field for the benefit of our patients. 

We look forward to your contribution and participation in the ICPNT.

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