Advancing SNACC and Neuroscience in Anesthesiology & Critical Care – Time to Strategize!

Deepak Sharma, MD, DM
SNACC President

George Mashour, MD, PhD

Deepak Sharma, MD, DM

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the President of SNACC, the society that nurtured me as a young neuroanesthesiologist and provided me several opportunities for career development over the years. What makes SNACC distinct from any other organization is its’ warm and welcoming character in an amazingly high quality scientific and educational environment. I am grateful for the responsibility and look forward to advancing our mission. 

First of all, I want to thank our members for making the first stand-alone annual meeting a huge success! The leadership team made the tough choice which the members backed up with their enthusiastic support to make the meeting immensely successful! It clearly was the best SNACC meeting I have attended, not just because of the top-notch science and learning experience but also because of ample opportunity to spend some time catching up with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Special thanks to the Program Chair, Chanannait Paisansathan and to the entire Ruggles Service Corporation team for making this happen! The Bill Young fundraiser dinner was one of the most fun fundraisers I have attended in a long time. Thanks to all of you who have donated and to those who attended the event. I was happy being dunked in the water tank with our amazing leadership team as we raised money for this wonderful cause. I want to convey very special thanks to the anonymous donor who gave $5,000 during the fundraiser. While it was a great meeting, I did miss seeing some of my friends. We realize that a stand-alone meeting has its logistical challenges but we sincerely hope to see everyone next year in Montreal!

As I start my term, I want to share my vision and priorities as well as some work we have already started.

We embraced the three-pillar approach to advancing our mission – care of the neurologically impaired patient, the foundational neuroscience of anesthesiology, and the neurological outcome after non-neurosurgical procedures. However, we need to put together a long-term strategic plan to advance the mission. I plan to commission a task force to develop the strategic plan.

Our committees are the backbone of SNACC and we are fortunate to have very talented members who volunteer their expertise and time. Given the need to grow and be impactful, we have created some new committees and a subcommittee and appointed enthusiastic leaders. The new Finance committee will oversee all financial aspects in addition to focusing on sponsorship and fundraising. The new Global Outreach subcommittee will help enhance our global ties and explore opportunities for expansion. Given the importance of actively engaging the next generation, the Trainee Engagement committee is now a separate committee. We are ensuring that we create opportunities for leadership development and now have a new Mentorship subcommittee. I am excited about seeing the energy and enthusiasm in our committees!

In the coming year, we will update SNACC guidelines and consensus statements and will initiate work on additional areas for guideline development as well as care pathways. We also plan to work on identifying quality measures in neuroanesthesia. We will be reaching out to our members to contribute.

Under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Kofke, the International Council for Perioperative Neurosciences Training (ICPNT) has started the accreditation process for fellowship programs. In the next year, we will start developing educational content that can be disseminated through ICPNT. I invite all departments to aim for ICPNT accreditation of their fellowship program – I am proud that our fellowship program at the University of Washington is now ICPNT accredited!

It is critical for any scientific society to have an impactful journal and we are fortunate to have an excellent journal in the Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology (JNA) under the outstanding leadership of Dr. Martin Smith. We will strive to support our journal as best as we can. I request of all SNACC members to submit their best perioperative neuroscience work to JNA.

We will aim to elevate the profile of SNACC. We will work on strengthening our ties with existing partners while exploring opportunities to build new collaborative partnerships. Simultaneously, our social media team is building a strong social media presence, which is critical in current times. They convinced me to join twitter! I now invite all SNACC members to join twitter and follow @SNACCNeuro, @snaccprez @JNeurosurgAnes to join the conversations. I personally enjoy our online perioperative neuroscience community and I am sure you will not be disappointed!

SNACC has always been very welcoming and inclusive and it is essential that we continue to further our diversity and inclusivity initiatives. The feedback about Women In Neuroanesthesiology and Neuroscience Education and Research (WINNER) program has been very positive. I am proud to be part of a leadership team that strives for SNACC to be the role model society for inclusivity and diversity!

As I started my term as the SNACC President, I took the pledge to work one extra weekend and donate the earnings to the William Young Award Fund. I just made that donation and I invite you to join me in this pledge.

I am excited about the amazing opportunities and the great work ahead of us. Together, let’s continue to nurture the next generation as we were nurtured. Let’s continue to advance our mission. I am proud to be a SNACC member and privileged to have the opportunity to serve.

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