Education Committee Update

The Education Committee continues to be very active and consists of approximately 50 faculty neuroanesthesiologists who generously donate tremendous time and expertise to committee endeavors.  Although posting of new content to the SNACC website has been slowed by the society’s fiscal constraints, there are many updates that have been either posted or are awaiting posting.  The Bibliography, now led by Drs. Arun George and Carine Zeeni, has been updated for 2023 (the first time since the pandemic onset).  Thank you to all the contributors worldwide for their content updates!  Information on how to access simulation scenarios as well as the first scenario from the group (venous air embolism led by Dr. Erin Plaza) is also awaiting website publication.  Several PBLDs that have previously been presented live should be posted, including Intraop MRI by Dr. Erin Plaza and Anesthesia for Complex Spine Surgery by Dr. Ben Gruenbaum.  Thanks also to the PBLD group for again facilitating presentations of the very well-received live PBLDs at the Annual Meeting.  Thanks especially to the presenters this year also:  Dr. Ben Gruenbaum (Anesthesia for Complex Spine Surgery), Dr. Amie Hoefnagel (Spine Surgery for the Polytrauma Patient), Dr. Maya Mikami (Craniotomy for a Patient with a Cardiac Assist Device), and Dr. Shilpa Rao (Anticoagulation and Neurosurgical Emergencies).  A new Clinical Audio Corner appears from May with Dr. Alex Papangelou interviewing Dr. Kan Ma (Considerations for the blood pressure management of patients requiring anesthesia after neurological injury: TBI, ICH, SAH and stroke).  New highlighted articles also appear from earlier this year with commentaries contributed by Dr. Ben Gruenbaum and Dr. Leslie Jameson (facilitated by Drs. Amie Hoefnagel, Oana Maties, and Shilpa Rao).  Finally, tremendous praise and gratitude is once again due to the unfailingly reliable Neuroanesthesia Quiz Group (Drs. Tumul Chowdhury-group leader, Adele Budiansky, Swati Chhebra, Surya Dube, Sonal Sharma, and Hui Yang) for their varied and highly educational quizzes.

Finally, since having the honor of being Education Committee Chair since 2019, it is time for me to step down.  It has been a privilege for me to work with this dedicated and inspiring group.  I am happy to announce that Dr. Lauren Dunn, who has served as the Patient Education Group Leader within our Committee and is already well-known within SNACC, has agreed to serve as Education Committee Chair (effective October 2023).  I look forward to the further progress and endeavors that the Committee will undertake under her thoughtful and capable leadership!  I also look forward to remaining involved within the Committee by my continuing participation in some groups, as well as now being SNACC Education Director and helping to serve as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the Committee.

October’s ASA Monitor contains an interview with Dr. Linda Mason, a Past President of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.  In this interview, she offered the advice that staying involved in medical society committees is a crucial way of blending professional growth with personal responsibilities.  She noted that by being involved and staying on a committee throughout our career span helps to avoid losing momentum within the society and with academic endeavors even during times of more personal responsibilities and other obligations.  She noted that when one has more time again, being a “known entity” helps facilitate professional growth within the society.  Along these lines, there is currently room for a few more members in the Education Committee within some of our committee’s groups.  Please feel free to contact Dr. Dunn if you would like to be involved in the Education Committee! Similarly, for current members, if you need a reprieve or additional assistance with your committee work or if you would like to be more involved, please let Dr. Dunn know.


Laura Hemmer

Laura Hemmer, M.D., FASA

Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University