Share Your Story: What Has SNACC Done for You?

Marie Angele Théard, MD
Chair, Membership Committee

William M. Armstead, PhD
Marie Angele Théard, MD

Sharing stories promotes understanding and helps unify groups around a mission. As you know, SNACC’s mission this year is to increase our membership. In an effort to help elucidate all of the benefits of a SNACC membership, the membership committee invites each of our members to share their stories. How has membership in SNACC helped you or what do you value most about your SNACC membership?

In October of 1994, I attended my first SNACC meeting upon the suggestion of one of my mentors Dr. Verna Baughman. At the SNACC meeting, I met Dr. René Tempelhoff during a walk-around poster session, and he engaged me in French, my native language, and English with an accent which reminded me of home. We talked about hypothermia, neuroprotection, and Washington University (WU) in addition to more important topics like wine and food. Within the next year, I would decide on neuroanesthesia for fellowship. I interviewed at WU, and begin planning my move from Chicago to St. Louis, Missouri. At WU, I became part of a strong collaborative group working tirelessly to produce sound research to improve outcomes. At SNACC meetings, René introduced me to SNACC members whose work was instrumental to my understanding of cutting-edge neuroscience research; and to an organization whose offerings would provide me a multitude of opportunities for involvement.

SNACC not only offers each of its members a plethora of opportunities to learn, review, and participate, but this organization also provides its members a chance to engage and develop relationships which provide so many opportunities for mentorship. I am looking forward to passing on the positive experience I have had in SNACC to our trainees today by sponsoring a trainee to our meeting in September and supporting them as members in SNACC.

What is your story? Please feel free to share how SNACC has helped you in your career and/or share some of the aspects of your membership in SNACC which you most value through social media Twitter: @SNACCNeuro).

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