Hello from the Membership Committee of SNACC

Marie Angele Theard, MD
Chair, Membership Committee

Dr. Theard
Marie Angele Theard, MD

Last year at this time, all of our spaces were being reconfigured to accommodate needed protection from the spread of COVID-19. Members of SNACC worked hard to provide an understanding of how to manage patients with coronavirus safely in neuroanesthesia and the implementation of a more virtual platform.

Our resilience in continuing to meet the three pillars of neuroanesthesia: the care of our patients, the neuroscience of anesthesiology, and neurological outcomes after non-neurosurgical procedures are to be commended, especially while some are still battling a resurgence of infection and death due to new variants of the coronavirus, an exhausted health care workforce, and a taxed hospital system. As the medical community begins to understand the short- and long-term neurologic ramifications of COVID-19, our neuroscientific community is needed more than ever for providing new and critical neuroscience research, education, and leadership. As a society, our members are integral to meeting these new challenges.

By April 2020, our membership increased from 643 in 2019 to 680, and this year's numbers as of April 2021 reflect a - not too surprising - drop to 609.  Initiatives like the trainee engagement committee (TEC), International Council for Perioperative Neurosciences Training (ICPNT), and a new fee structure for international members based on their respective countries’ economies are wonderfully attractive aspects of this organization. As we consider returning to some semblance of life before COVID-19, we have an opportunity to reflect on our membership and consider ways of increasing our voices toward our common purpose.

We invite all members of SNACC to share with the members of your department all that SNACC has to offer as well as opportunities members have to showcase their talents on a variety of committees that support SNACC programming: from education, mentorship, and science, to social media, and equity, inclusion, and diversity. In addition, members have the opportunity to choose leaders as well as become leaders in SNACC and contribute to our SNACC newsletter. There is something for everyone, and every year new initiatives provide new opportunities for more involvement in our society.

As we prepare to begin a needed membership campaign, I invite all of you to share your ideas for increasing our membership as well as continuing to support new SNACC members by sharing insights into various committees and special interest groups. Also, in an effort to add to our SNACC membership tab, I would like to invite all those interested in submitting a short video testimonial of yourself describing your experience in SNACC to be included on the membership tab of SNACC’s wonderfully crafted new website. Please feel free to email me your thoughts, ideas, and/or details regarding video testimonials at

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