Ask the Experts: A Pilot Project by the Trainee Engagement Committee

Indranil Chakraborty, MD
Member, Trainee Engagement Committee

Shobana Rajan, MD
Chair, Trainee Engagement Committee

Dr. Chakraborty
Indranil Chakraborty, MD
Dr. Rajan
Shobana Rajan, MD

Neuroanesthesiology as a super specialization has immensely contributed to improving patient outcome and promoting clinical and basic science research worldwide. Advanced clinical training and structured educational and research curriculum are critical for training the specialized workforce to keep up with the latest advances in neurosurgery, neurointerventional radiology, and neurocritical care. Several institutions and organizations have developed fellowships and advanced training programs for such purposes. Neuroanesthesiology as a career option is rapidly gaining popularity in the medical industry. Several institutions and departments are looking for neuroanesthesiology fellowship-trained specialists to enhance their clinical patient outcome.

To promote specialty training in neuroanesthesiology among medical students and anesthesiology residents, the Trainee Engagement Committee of SNACC initiated the series “Ask the Expert” on the SNACC website. Various experts in the field of neurosurgery, neuroanesthesiology, neurocritical care, and anesthesiology institutional leadership from all over the world express their opinion about the value of neuroanesthesiology fellowship training in improving patient outcome and experience as well as a career opportunity and what value they add to their personnel hiring decisions. These interviews of the experts are published on the website periodically.

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Ask the Experts

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