SNACC - Building and Strengthening the Three Pillars of Neuroanesthesiology

George A. Mashour, MD, PhD
SNACC President

George Mashour, MD, PhD

George A. Mashour, MD, PhD

In recent SNACC and ASA newsletters, I have expressed the need to build or strengthen “three pillars” of neuroanesthesiology: 1. clinical neuroanesthesia and neurocritical care, 2. the neuroscience that forms the basis of anesthesiology, and 3. the clinical and scientific understanding of neurologic outcomes after non-neurologic surgery. The goal is now to allow these ideas to inform the way we structure and conduct SNACC activities in order to promote the subspecialty. To that end, I asked our SNACC committees to consider their current work in light of the three pillars. Where are we now? Where do we want to go? What are the next steps for getting there? The result was the beginning of a new pathway to which our current Board of Directors is committed to developing and realizing in the coming years. However, we need your input on this nascent plan to move SNACC toward a more comprehensive approach to advancing neuroanesthesiology.

Please review and print the framework by clicking here. We need your input on ideas for moving the society and the field forward. Email us at with your comments/suggestions. Please label the subject line “SNACC Three Pillars of Neuroanesthesiology.” Thank you!

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