Education Committee Update

Laura Hemmer, MD, FASA
Education Committee Chair

Amie Hoefnagel, MD
Laura Hemmer, MD, FASA

The SNACC Education committee members continue to work diligently producing a number of new website content additions monthly. Neuroanesthesia Quizzes (by Drs. Shobana Rajan, Verghese Cherian, Suneeta Gollapudy, Marie Angele Theard and Hui Yang) have been produced and published on the website. Similarly, many Articles of the Month have been posted on the website thanks to coordination from Drs. Nina Schloemerkemper, Oana Maties, Amie Hoefnagel, and Shilpa Rao.  Please watch for new contributions from the problem-based learning discussions (PBLD) group (with members Drs. Shaun Gruenbaum, Hubert Benzon, Letha Mathews, Ryan Pong, Hemanshu Prabhakar, and Shilpa Rao) throughout the year and in preparation for the live PBLDs that will be offered at the Annual Meeting this fall. As a SNACC member, please start to consider if you would like to submit a PBLD for possible presentation at the SNACC Annual Meeting in 2021 (more information to follow this fall).  A new Interactive Neuromonitoring Case will be available soon from team member Dr. David Schreibman.

One of the new initiatives mentioned in the late fall 2019 SNACC newsletter, the development of patient education materials specific for neuroanesthesia, is underway. Drafts of material have been created for several procedures thus far, and we thank Drs. Lauren Dunn, Basma Mohamed, and Jamie Uejima for their continuing work on this endeavor.

Lastly, to enhance usability of the website and for social media integration, we appreciate the Communications Committee’s ongoing efforts (led by Dr. Arnoley Abcejo), and our partnership with the Trainee Engagement Committee (led by Dr. Shobana Rajan), for more effective dissemination of SNACC education material to trainees.  As always, please feel free to reach out to the committee leadership anytime with ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our value to you.

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