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Fenghua Li, MD

Reza Gorji, MD
Fenghua Li, MD

I applaud SNACC’s new initiative to reach out to medical students and anesthesia residents by establishing the Trainee Engagement subcommittee (TES) under the Education committee. I still remember 11 years ago when Dr. Reza Gorji, a neuroanesthesiologist, pulled me to the side in the hallway of the operating room and asked me if I wanted to be neuro “guy”. I said yes to him without any hesitation. It is obvious to me now that it was one of best decisions I have made in my career. For me, being a neuroanesthesiologist is challenging but very rewarding and satisfying. Thanks to Dr. Gorji for his willingness to reach out to me and to provide me an opportunity to train in, and subsequently practice, neuroanesthesiology. TES is going to raise awareness of perioperative neuroscience among trainees and foster their interest and involvement in our specialty and SNACC. I strongly believe TES, led by Drs. Theard and Rajan, is going to play a vital role in recruiting our young generations of neuroanesthesiologists.

As SNACC is truly an international society, reaching out to the global neuroanesthesia community is also critical to its future success. One of the SNACC president’s new initiatives is the establishment of the committee on Diversity and Inclusion to institute efforts to encourage and foster a welcoming atmosphere for all at SNACC. The SNACC newsletter started an international column that publishes neuroanesthesia meeting news from all around the world. In addition to Spanish translation, the SNACC newsletter will have various articles now translated into both Chinese and Portuguese to expand our international footprints. I am very grateful to Drs. Ruqan Han from Tiantan Hospital in Beijing, China and Christiano Dos Santos from Brazil and who currently works at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, for their support with the translations. I also want to thank Dr. Juan Fiorda-Diaz, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and his team for the translations in Spanish.

I am very excited to see so many new initiatives by the SNACC leadership. Development of International Council for Perioperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT) as fellowship accreditation body is really inspirational. It’s time for you to get involved in SNACC as a member and to serve SNACC community and this great organization. Attending the Annual Meeting is always a great way to support SNACC. This year, the SNACC Annual Meeting will host a Nobel Laureate, Dr. Thomas Südhof. The Annual Meeting will be held in San Francisco, California. So be on the lookout for more information regarding this superb meeting on October 11-12 on the SNACC website. Contributing to the SNACC newsletter is another wonderful way to serve SNACC and to help the newsletter grow.

I won’t be surprised if you find the spring issue of the SNACC Newsletter amazing. Hope you enjoy the articles. Have a terrific spring season.

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