COMMITTEE UPDATES-Clinical Affairs Committee

New SNACC Clinical Affairs Committee

By Michael L. “Luke” James, MD, FAHA

Dr. James
Michael L. James, MD, FAHA

Over recent years SNACC has been quite busy with the production of several statements, guidelines, and consensus papers (

Topics include management of perioperative stroke, traumatic brain injury, extraventricular drains, ischemic optic neuropathy, and endovascular stroke care. Collaboration with our partners, Society of Critical Care Medicine and Neurocritical Care Society has been very important. All of this productivity necessitates a group to maintain relevance and accuracy of these documents and to assist the society in identifying future areas for clinical statements. Thus, the Clinical Affairs Committee is born and is currently seeking energized, engaged members.

The Committee is tasked with being responsible for issues related to clinical guidelines and outcomes in preoperative neurosciences, including:

  1. Reviewing,
  2. Maintaining updated awareness of translational clinical studies, and
  3. Suggesting pathways for preoperative clinical care.

SNACC members willing to serve two-year term are encouraged to contact me at

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