Trainee Welcome Reception, A Huge Success! Just in Case You Missed It!

Alexander Papangelou, MD
Chair, Trainee Engagement Committee (TEC)

Jacqueline Morano, MD
Associate Chair and Member, Trainee Engagement Committee (TEC)

Dr. Papaangelou
Alexander Papangelou, MD
Dr. Morano
Jacqueline Morano, MD

Trainee engagement is the heart of SNACC and as the saying goes, “when your heart is in your brain, SNACC is for you.”  We continue to be in a virtual world where Zoom is the safest way to meet and learn. Although we are all looking forward to a time when we can all be together in one room instead of one Zoom, doing it virtual is an opportunity we embraced yet again.

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee’s support of TEC has never been stronger and several members took the time to not only assist in the warm welcome to our trainees but talk about the history and development of the fellowship.

It began with a welcome speech by Dr. Alex Papangelou, incoming Chair of the Trainee Engagement Committee (TEC). Dr. Chanannait Paisansathan, our SNACC President, then welcomed and congratulated the trainees for their abstract contributions. She also addressed the wonderful work of our committee and how we have grown to become a valuable part of SNACC. Dr. Adele Budiansky then highlighted some of the ongoing work and accomplishments of the TEC over the past year, including impressive progress in launching our SNACC podcast on the public forums of Spotify, Google, and Apple podcasts.

Dr. Cassandra Dean introduced our latest development, the Trainee Blog! As a new fellowship graduate, Dr. Dean saw a need for fellows to be able to communicate with one another and share difficult cases and experiences. Click here to view the Fellows’ Blog and please contribute!

To engage everyone, Drs. Shobana Rajan, Tumul Chowdhury, and Jacqueline Morano hosted a fun quiz for all attendees with questions related to SNACC’s history, neurosciences, and recent events. This was well received with lots of enthusiasm and was a preview to the following day’s Neuroanesthesia Fun Quiz for all. Big smiles and laughter were experienced throughout.

The main event, the Neuroanesthesia Information Session, was a total hit. Drs. Andrew Kofke, Deborah Douglas, and Rafi Avitsian did a wonderful job discussing the progress SNACC has made over the years and the development of a fellowship accreditation system through ICPNT (International Council on Perioperative Neuroscience Training). Dr. Andrew Kofke spoke not only about his work at the University of Pennsylvania but of the history of our society. Dr. Deborah Douglas of the University College London Hospitals spoke of her training in the United Kingdom and the benefits of having completed a neuroanesthesia fellowship. Dr. Rafi Avitsian of the Cleveland Clinic spoke of developing his fellowship program, the benefits of fellowship, and how others could develop their own programs. It was incredible to be part of a conversation with such great minds and leaders in our field.

Drs. Adele Budiansky and Jacqueline Morano followed by discussing their recent transition from fellow to attending and how they benefitted from completing a neuroanesthesia fellowship. Dr. Budiansky, having recently graduated, found the transition quite smooth due to her excellent training, and Jacqueline was appointed chair of her neurosurgical anesthesia section just 20 months after graduating. This was wrapped up with a lovely discussion led by Drs. Muriel Malapaz and Priya Gupta as to why we all love anesthesiology and chose this path.

The session ended with a congratulatory to our outgoing chair Dr. Shobana Rajan as she moved on as Vice-Chair of ICPNT and welcoming our incoming Chair, Dr. Alex Papangelou, and Associate Chair, Dr. Jacqueline M. Morano. Overall, this session turned out to be a great success. We are looking forward to welcoming you all next year, hopefully in person!

“I enjoyed the conference as a whole and, in particular, the virtual welcome reception where the trainees got an opportunity to introduce themselves and interact with anesthesiologists, residents, and fellows who share a common interest in neuroscience and neuroanesthesia. The advice of such great leaders in the field was extremely valuable. The informal quiz was fun, and the session was very interactive. I look forward to such sessions with SNACC in the future."
~ Arun George MD, CA3 Allegheny Health Network, PA

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