ICPNT Workshop on Perioperative Brain Function Monitoring

Shobana Rajan, MD
Vice-Chair, ICPNT
University of Texas Health Science Center
Houston, Texas, USA

Dr. Rajan
Shobana Rajan, MD

The ICPNT conducted a workshop on behalf of the Neuroanesthesia Program Relations (NPR) committee titled “Perioperative Brain Function Monitoring” at the SNACC Annual Meeting 2021 (Virtual).

We had the following subtopics:

  1. Processed EEG Monitoring – Drs. Jamie Sleigh and Shobana Rajan
  2. Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) – Drs. Ryan Pong and David Highton
  3. ICP Monitoring – Drs. Alexander Papangelou and Kate Rosenblatt
  4. Jugular Venous Oximetry – Drs. Deepak Sharma and Val Luoma
  5. Transcranial Doppler (TCD) – Drs. Girija Rath and Rikka Takala

We had planned for 40 participants rotating through five stations. We found to our pleasant surprise that we had a huge waiting list. Hence, we opened it up to 10 more participants with a final number of 50 with 10 in each station.

We had an excellent group of international faculty who were willing to spend their time teaching in the workshop. When the planning committee reached out to these faculty, they immediately said yes. This is despite them being so busy and knowing that they may be in different time zones, possibly late at night or early morning hours in many countries around the world.

A pre-workshop reading material was sent out in advance of the workshop. Each station consisted of a 15-minute pre-recorded lecture and 15 minutes of interactive discussion with the participants. The faculty rotated through each Zoom breakout room seamlessly with the help of the IT support offered by Ruggles. While a half-hour is short and each topic by itself needs more time and in-depth discussion, all basics were well covered. The ICPNT looks forward to providing more workshops in the future.

On behalf of the Neuroanesthesia Program Relations Committee of the ICPNT, we would like to sincerely thank all the faculty who were so willing to give their time to create this learning environment.

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