2021 SNACC Neuroscience Symposium

Ines Koerner, MD, PhD, FNCS
Chair, SNACC Research Committee
Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon

Dr. Koerner
Ines Koerner, MD, PhD, FNCS

The 4th Annual SNACC Perioperative Neuroscience Symposium took place on June 5, 2021. Once again, the symposium was held entirely virtual on a secure Zoom platform, building on the success of last year’s virtual event. Seven invited speakers presented their work this year, covering a broad range of clinical and laboratory-based science, including investigations of neuroprotection after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), using brain-tissue oxygenation in management of SAH, EEG analysis to predict delirium, and to assess encephalopathy in patients with COVID-19, deconstructing the BIS algorithm, personalized cerebral perfusion pressure in sepsis, and anesthetic effects on sleep.

The presentations were very engaging and sparked dynamic questions. We provided extended time for discussion of each presentation this year, which allowed excellent and constructive exchanges that sparked many new ideas for further projects. This year's symposium once again reflected that SNACC is a truly international society, as 32 highly engaged participants joined from six countries on five continents, including Chile, the United Kingdom, Spain, Jordan, India, and the United States. A big shout-out to the colleagues who joined from time zones that put the symposium into their evening hours!

The scientific presentations were followed by smaller breakout discussions that allowed the more junior participants, including many residents and fellows, to spend time with senior SNACC researchers. Career and scientific advice were provided while participants enjoyed their favorite snacks, mirroring the traditional mingling over appetizers that is typical of in-person meetings.

After another successful Neuroscience Symposium, we look forward to seeing SNACC researchers back next year for the 5th annual iteration. In the meantime, we will enjoy excellent neuroscience at the upcoming SNACC Annual Meeting this September.

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