Trainee Engagement Committee Update

Drs. Alex Papangelou and Jacqueline Morano

Happy New Year from the Trainee Engagement Committee!  It’s time to celebrate our committee’s quarterly accomplishments.  We continue to advance our projects and produce new educational podcasts.

First and foremost, we’d like to introduce the Advanced Neuroanesthesia Classroom.  Both the Basic and Advanced Neuroanesthesia Classrooms can be found within the Education Corner tab under Education and Trainees (

As a reminder, the Neuroanesthesia Classroom is the TEC’s free resource, which compiles all of SNACC’s educational resources (quizzes, articles and podcasts) into a weekly curriculum format.  The Basic Classroom ( has been available for well over a year and we’ve received stellar feedback. The Advanced Classroom takes it one step forward and covers some of the more complex neurosurgical concepts and cases, including but not limited to awake craniotomies, cerebral aneurysms, management of complex spine, and so much more.  We would encourage all SNACC members to utilize and share this resource!  We thank Dr. Kamilla Esfahani (Director), Dr. Lauren Dunn (Associate Director), and the entire subcommittee for their relentless effort.  The committee will monitor and update the content of the Classroom at regular intervals.

Dr. Jack Buckley continues to lead the Resident and Fellow Podcast.  His team produces high yield interviews on topics central to neuroanesthesia education.  Be on the look-out for a new podcast from Dr. Buckley and his team.  The JNA Podcast, focused on featured articles in the JNA, continues to be spearheaded by Dr. Shobana Rajan.  Dr. Val Luoma was interviewed following her article “Value-based Care and Quality Improvement in Perioperative Neuroscience.”  We look forward to publishing this intriguing interview and as always these podcasts can be found not just on our website but on Spotify and Apple podcasts, just search SNACC.  Our next Editor’s Choice article, “Opioid-Free Anesthesia for Craniotomy,” will be featured in an upcoming interview this winter.  This time we will have the pleasure of hearing from two of the authors, both Dr. Ian McCullough and Dr. Alex Papangelou from Emory University.

Our Challenging Case team continues to produce quarterly publications in the SNACC newsletter.  If you have not already read our case from the winter’s newsletter, take a look at “Bradycardic arrest during Somatosensory Evoked Potential Monitoring: A case report” by Dr. Jacqueline Morano.  Just a reminder, arrhythmias are not just a rare complication from motor evoked potentials but something we should always keep in mind. Please also take a moment to review Dr. Eman Nada’s case report on DBS in a patient with Parkinson’s disease in this newsletter.  The anesthetic approach to placement of DBS varies greatly and we must appreciate and anticipate all of the possible complications.

SNACC has decided to revive our discussion forums, which will include a space for residents and fellows.  This will allow trainees to hear about cases from their colleagues and learn from the work of others.  Look out for messages from our Communications Committee announcing the launch.  As another new endeavor, we will be publishing a quarterly EEG/neuromonitoring case in the newsletter.  Look for our first case in the spring edition.  As always, reach out to us with any inquiries!

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