Meet IMI Association Executives (IMI) and the New SNACC Staff Team

Alana Flexman, MD
SNACC President-Elect

Chanannait Paisanthasan, MD
SNACC President

Starting in January 2022, SNACC has transitioned our executive management team to IMI Associations Executives. SNACC remains grateful for the excellent society management from Ruggles, Inc. over the past 10 years, and would like to express our sincere thanks for all the hard work, dedication and contributions to SNACC. Going into our 50th anniversary year, we can say without hesitation that SNACC has an incredible past, present and, most importantly, future.  As we make this transition, SNACC now looks forward to working with IMI to meet our evolving needs going forward.

IMI Association Executives was carefully selected by the Board of Directors to support our key strategic priorities going forward and to ensure the continued success and grown of the Society. IMI Association Executives is based in Raleigh, NC and is an experienced association management company to the not-for-profit community since 1986. Today, IMI supports a wide range of non-profit associations and societies in both the health and non-health sectors. IMI’s team has expertise ranging from strategic planning and leadership development to finance, membership, marketing, meetings and events, fundraising, and all things in between. IMI is already working with SNACC to create new innovations for our members, growing our membership and ensuring robust financial health for the Society. You can visit their website here for more details.

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our new team to our members, as you will be seeing many of these new faces around. Please take the opportunity to join us in warmly welcoming the new SNACC management team:

Lee Claason

Kara Stachowiak

Dawn LeBlanc

Melody Foote

Angela Essex

Michael Thomas

April Knight-Odolinsky

Linda Owens

Clint Owens

Lee has a nonprofit and association management career spanning over three decades. She has executive leadership experience in trade associations, professional societies, and cause-based charitable organizations ranging in staff size from four to over 1,000. She has held a variety of senior management positions in medical and science-based organizations and served as a member of nonprofit association boards. Lee has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Grand Valley State University, pursued graduate studies at the University of Virginia, and has earned her Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation.Lee Bryan Claassen, CAE, SNACC Executive Director

Kara has been working in various aspects of nonprofits throughout her career and has extensive experience managing healthcare meetings and events, both domestically and internationally. She earned a B.A. in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from the University of Illinois. Kara has earned her Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) designation.Kara Stachowiak, CMP, SNACC Conference Manager

Dawn LeBlanc, SNACC Operations Manager

Dawn’s non-profit experience working with volunteers to develop and deliver webinars, online education programs, and events are strengthening SNACC’s connection with members.

Melody Foote, SNACC Communications Associate

With extensive experience and aptitude for non-profit marketing and communications, Melody’s talent is being applied to SNACC’s website, social media, and broadcast emails to raise the Society’s visibility among members and non-members alike.

Angela Essex, SNACC Member Services Associate

An integral part of the SNACC team, Angela provides membership/customer service and maintains members’ records. She is likely SNACC members’ first point of contact, connecting members with the information they need.

Michael Thomas, SNACC Client Technology Support Manager

Michael brings his invaluable experience with different programs and systems to successfully implement and maintain SNACC’s membership database, websites, and ICPNT’s accreditation management system.

April Knight-Odolinski, SNACC Accounting Manager

April joined IMI in 2006 and brings to the table experience in association management finances along with an A.A.S Accounting and A.A.S Business Administration.

Ancillary Team Members

Linda Owens, CAE, IMI President and SNACC Managing Director

Linda started her IMI career in 1992 handling the accounting for IMI and its clients, but her thirst for knowledge kept her volunteering to help in other areas of the office. Over time, Linda has worked in every staff position in the company which ultimately prepared her for becoming the owner of IMI in January 2014. Linda attended Christopher Newport University to study accounting. Linda was recognized as a Certified Association Executive (CAE) in 2015.

Clint Owens, IMI Vice President and IT Manager

Clint joined IMI in 2001 and assists with all of IMI’s clients. Clint has 16 years of experience in the AMC industry, attended Northwest Florida State, and is an NC State-Certified Webmaster.


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