Research Committee Update

Ken Solt, MD
Chair, SNACC Research Committee

Ken Solt, MD

Six months ago, I was appointed Chair of the SNACC Research Committee when my predecessor, Dr. Ines Koerner, was elected to the SNACC Executive Committee as our next Secretary-Treasurer. I was thrilled to know that the future of our Society is in great hands!

Early in the pandemic, the Research Committee identified an urgent need for a forum to enable investigators to meet and exchange ideas when in-person meetings were not possible. In January 2021, the bimonthly SNACC Coffee and Research lecture series was born, and Dr. Donald Penning and I had the privilege of being the inaugural speakers. Since then, we have been fortunate to have many outstanding talks by leading SNACC investigators, many of whom have shared unpublished data and led lively discussions about their work.

In October 2021, Dr. Susana Vacas (UCLA) discussed “Perioperative brain changes in at-risk populations” and Dr. Catherine Duclos (McGill University) presented her work showing how “Anesthesia may help predict recovery from coma and disorders of consciousness.” In December 2021, Dr. Ehab Farag from the Cleveland Clinic discussed his recent paper regarding “Oxygen saturation and postoperative mortality in patients with acute ischemic stroke treated by endovascular thrombectomy” and Dr. Andrew Hudson (UCLA) spoke about his recent work demonstrating “Differential effects of isoflurane on in vivo interneuron populations in superficial mouse cortex.” In our most recent session in February 2022, Dr. Odmara Barreto Chang (UCSF) discussed “”Cognitive impairment prior to surgery: Why do we care and what can we do about it?” and Dr. Boris Heifets (Stanford) presented his work “Mapping ketamine and opioid receptor interactions through parallel human and mouse experiments.”

The Coffee and Research series has provided excellent opportunities for investigators to present new findings and obtain feedback from colleagues with similar interests in a relaxed setting. The series is open to all, but pre-registration is required to receive the Zoom link. The Research Committee invites all SNACC members to join us for Coffee and Research. If you are interested in presenting at a future session, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Finally, please save the date for our Annual SNACC Neuroscience Symposium. This year, the virtual symposium will take place on May 14. This event brings together neuroscience researchers to share and discuss ongoing studies and recent findings related to anesthesiology and critical care. Please mark your calendars for this exciting opportunity to discuss new data, learn from colleagues, and forge new collaborations!

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