Global Outreach Sub-Committee Update

Girija Prasad Rath, MD, DM
Chair, SNACC Global Outreach Sub-Committee

Girija Prasad Rath, MD, DM

The sub-Committee on Global Outreach was formed under the membership committee in 2020 to enhance and expand global connections/collaborations. Currently, the SNACC Global Outreach Sub-Committee continues to work with the following objectives:


  1. To identify, connect, and affiliate various associations/ societies/ special interest groups (SIGs) related to Neuroanesthesia and Perioperative Neuroscience across the globe, under the banner of SNACC.
  2. To re-define mutual benefits of affiliation and to revise them from time to time.
    • Ensure visibility of collaborations on social networking sites: In consultation with the Communication Committee.
    • Encourage global SNACC membership drive by exploring initiatives such as revised membership fee structure and opportunities to enhance membership benefits.
  1. To ensure accessibility to SNACC messages and participation in SNACC activities (web education and Newsletter) by partners across the globe.
  2. To promote scientific and educational exchange in perioperative neuroscience globally.
    • Encourage SNACC panels in every country where annual/ biennial neuroanesthesia meetings are organized.
  1. To promote global visibility of ICPNT and attract candidate programs to ICPNT.
  2. Encourage participation of members in regular activities of SNACC such as website educational activities, Newsletter, SNACC Committee, SNACC Annual Meeting, recommendations and guidelines
  3. Identify global Neuroanesthesia and Perioperative Neuroscience leaders, invite them to become SNACC members, to enhance the global visibility of SNACC, and to advance the mission of SNACC.

Despite the setbacks of the pandemic, the committee has contributed significantly to its objectives. Academic and clinical leaders of various countries were contacted in order to understand their neurosciences activities in general, and neuroanesthesia activities in particular. These pieces of information have been shared through the Newsletter as ‘Neuroanesthesia and Neurocritical Care Activities’ under the heading of ‘Global News’ (Previously, International News). To date, reports from Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Korea, Australia & New Zealand, Iran, Qatar, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Colombia, Switzerland, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Brunei have been published.

A special section was created for ICPNT in the Newsletter. Multiple articles in relation to the ICPNT activities have been highlighted in each issue of the Newsletter to promote the global visibility of ICPNT and to attract more programs.

Another notable work of this committee has been the revision of SNACC membership fees based on world bank economic criteria. It helps encourage diversity and inclusion in SNACC membership and participation in society activities. This effort is also expected to help improve the readership of the Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology (JNA), the SNACC journal, in low-to-medium income group countries.

The committee has taken the initiative to encourage the mutual affiliation of like-minded international societies with the SNACC. This would help acknowledgment of the affiliated organizations on their respective websites, thereby improving their visibility. In addition, formal collaboration would lead to SNACC offering discounted fees for registration during the Annual Scientific Meetings.

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