Selecting Future SNACC Leaders



Deepak Sharma MD, DM
Chair, 2022 Nominating Committee

SNACC will be holding elections for the positions of a Secretary/Treasurer and at least 5 Directors at Large this year during the summer, prior to the September 2022 Annual Meeting. A sixth Director at Large position will become available if one of the current directors is elected as Secretary/Treasurer. SNACC will also recognize its members for the Teacher of the Year Award, Distinguished Service Award, and Women in Neuroanesthesiology and Neuroscience Education and Research (WINNER) Academy of Mentors Award.

On behalf of the 2022 Nominating Committee, I invite all eligible, active SNACC members to consider applying for office. Serving on the Board of Directors/Executive Committee is an honor and a unique opportunity to serve our society to advance the mission of SNACC. We are looking for a diverse pool of candidates representing SNACC membership to apply. We also invite nominations for SNACC awards. The deadline for all nominations is Apr 30th, 2022. The detailed call for nominations may be found here.

The nominating committee also urges all SNACC members to be on the look-out for an email from SNACC inviting you to vote in the coming months. Voting is both our right and our duty; an opportunity to have a voice in selecting the leadership team! We greatly appreciate your participation. With the help of engaged members of our society, the Nominating Committee hopes to help elect the best possible leaders for SNACC. I am grateful to all members of the committee for their help.



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