SNACC Coaching Scholarship Program for Women WINNER 2023 Coaching Scholarships Information & Application Form


By: Linda S. Aglio MD, MS,
Director of the Coaching Scholarship Program for Women


Coaching is increasingly gaining traction as an effective process supporting leadership and career development in academic medicine1, 2. Unlike mentoring – a long-term relationship where the mentee is guided and to a certain extent, molded by the mentor – coaching is a shorter term, goal-directed interaction driven by the person being coached (coachee). The agenda for a coaching session or series of sessions may be a broad, long-term goal or vision for the future, or a specific situation the coachee wants to explore in greater depth or about which they wish to develop more insight. The key activities of the coach are to listen deeply and to ask open-ended questions that allow the coachee to develop a more profound understanding of their situation. A coach supports the coachee to identify barriers to their desired forward progress and to develop meaningful next steps and action plans. Examples of situations where coaching is effective in developing academic physicians include – defining yourself as a leader; exploring career options; preparing for promotion; managing time and resources effectively; developing effective communication strategies; leading teams and balancing academic success with home life.

 Dr. Karen Souter MBBS, FRCA, ACC, MACM is a full professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the University of Washington, a long-time SNACC member, and a fully trained and credentialed International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach. Dr. Souter splits her time as clinical faculty and as a leadership and professional development coach. She coaches academic and private practice physicians in leadership and professional development. Dr. Souter is a faculty coach with the SeattleCoach® Coaching for Leaders in Healthcare program. Her goals in partnering with SNACC are to make coaching accessible to mid-career academic faculty and to enhance their career growth and development.

Feedback from 2021-22 WINNER Coaching program

  1. First, it was great experiencing coaching for the first time and what it would entail if I decided to take it on full time. Second, it was helpful having a means of staying accountable by having to check in with my coach on a regular basis to reexamine progress or issues that came up. Third, it was great having a coach to address daily and sometimes random challenges at work to help me sort through the difficulties on my own.
  2. It has been quite an enlightening experience; I have gained further insight about myself as well as strengthened other various aspects. Dr. Souter has also been an excellent facilitator, and a great listener with a supportive personality, which has been so key in this process.

Hogan Personality Assessments

Hogan Assessment Systems is a psychological consulting firm centered on supporting the practical implementation of personality theory at work.

The three Hogan Assessments we will use are the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and the Motives Values and Preferences Inventory (HVPI).

  • HPI – Who you are when you are at your best
  • HDS – Overused strengths that get in your way
  • MVPI – Core values that determine satisfaction and drive careers

Knowledge of all these aspects help you to achieve your goals effectively.

All three tools are empirically validated assessments grounded in psychological theory and used by top organizations to support the development of their leaders. These tools are used to assist in developing strategic self-awareness in the work setting, highlighting what behaviors to keep doing and what behaviors might be getting in your way.

Goals for the WINNER Coaching Scholarships

  • To offer 3 coaching scholarships for mid-career WINNER members. Each scholarship would consist of 3 or 4 one-hour coaching sessions with Karen Souter within a 2-3–month period.
  • To provide tools and resources (Leadership Success Portfolio) to assist mid-career faculty develop leadership and personal development skills.
  • To participate in the HOGAN evaluation and debrief with DJ Himstedt. This will provide a foundation for the coaching process and occur just before or just after the 1st coaching session.

DJ Himstedt PhD, MS, MBA currently works with physicians and healthcare leaders to help determine the most effective ways to leverage their strengths and leadership potential to drive organizational results. She has implemented a faculty coaching program within the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently working on a NIH grant to study the effectiveness of coaching in early-career biomedical researchers.  In her previous role she designed the leadership development strategy for all leaders at UI Health including defining potential, implementation of a high-potential academy, and implementation a new leader onboarding program. In her consulting work, she is the faculty lead for the Women in Medicine® Leadership Accelerator, a six-month cohort-based leadership development program, including assessment and coaching, to support mid-career women physicians to advance their leadership capability

 Application Process

Please submit the following three (3) documents as PDF files to your application and send to Lee Claassen at

  1. Letter of Support from Chairman or Division Chief: The letter must contain a commitment to allow the applicant time off from regular duties and assignments to attend the mandatory coaching sessions. These will include four 1:1 one-hour sessions over 2-3 months.
  2. Letter of Intent: Please answer the questions on the application form to provide a brief synopsis of how you believe the coaching program will benefit you, and how participation in the program might benefit your department.
  3. A current copy of your Curriculum Vitae

A note about the application: The questions on the application form are designed to identify applicants’ motivation and level of commitment. All application materials will be available to the coaching review committee. The information in the electronic application form will be de-identified before the program coaches and program leaders will have access to it.

Requirement to provide feedback

Applicants will be asked to complete both pre-and post-coaching anonymous surveys to provide information to SNACC about the success of the WINNER coaching scholarship program.

Application Form

Please submit your application to: Lee Claassen at

Deadline application is July 1, 2023

Full Name:



Email Address:



Cell Phone number:


Stage of Career:

__ (Trainee / Fellow)??

__ Early career (< 5 years in practice)

__ Mid-career (5-10 years in practice)

__ Advanced career (> 10 years in practice)


Current academic rank:



Current (if any) leadership role(s):
What are your current professional activities and interests?





What professional goal(s) would you like to explore with coaching and how might this process enhance your professional development?


How might your participation in the WINNERS coaching scholarship program benefit your department?






  1. Gawande A. Personal best: Top athletes and singers have coaches. Should you? New Yorker. October 3, 2011. https://www.
  2. Through Their Own Lens: Supporting Women and Minorities in Anesthesiology Through Coaching Deutsch N et al. ASA Monitor April 2021; 85,

Disclosure Statement
Karen Souter has a small part-time coaching business – Karen Souter Coaching LLC

DJ Himstedt works as Faculty Lead and Coach for Women in Medicine® Leadership Accelerator

Thank you for your interest.


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