By: Valpuri Luoma
Chair, Communications Committee

New Committee Members

A short update from the Communications Committee on the first half of 2023! The Committee welcomed three new members:

  • Brittany McCann, MD from Vanderbilt University Medical Centre
  • Benish Fatima, MD from Mayo Clinic
  • Cameron Bosinski, MD, MS from Brigham, and Women’s Hospital

SNACC Discussion Forums

The start of the year has been busy for the committee, which has been supporting the Trainee Engagement Committee with the launch of the SNACC Discussion Forum. The forums provide a space for the SNACC community to exchange ideas, network, and discuss topics relevant to their professional practice in perioperative neuroscience. Discussion and communication are key to innovation, shared learning, and improvement in healthcare and, for us, in perioperative neuroscience. SNACC members can post questions and comments, share experiences, and can also share links and media to support discussion points. Access to the Forums is through SNACC member login or the “Education and Trainees” drop-down menu via Challenging Cases (Figure 1).


The Committee continues to work with IMIAE to ensure that the SNACC membership globally is kept connected and regularly updated with the society, its developments, and news. The SNACC eblast is published on alternate weeks and important news, relevant to SNACC members, is also shared through the SNACC social media channels. We aim to continue to improve on how we keep SNACC members up to date with society news, resources, and new initiatives and to continue to build our collaborations. Look out for a survey soon; we would value your feedback and thoughts on what is relevant and important!

Social Media

The SNACC social media community continues to grow, providing an opportunity for conversation within and outside the SNACC community worldwide. All SNACC Members are invited to join the conversations at:

In addition, all SNACC members are invited to join the ICPNT social media community on both Twitter and Instagram:

  • Instagram: @icpntneuro
  • Twitter: @icpnt

Thank you to all committee members for their work over the last few months. We always welcome new members and would like to encourage Trainees to join our team. If you are interested in joining or would like more information about the committee, please feel free to contact Val Luoma at or anyone else on the committee.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Figure 1: Two ways to access the SNACC Discussion Forums



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