SNACC Quality and Safety Committee: Striving for Excellence in Patient Care

By: Abhijit Lele
Quality and Patient Safety Committee, SNACC

Dear SNACC Members,

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I want to take a moment to introduce SNACC’s newly formed Quality and Patient Safety Committee (QPS). The QPS committee is a diverse, inclusive, and globally representative group of 24 active SNACC members representing four countries. This committee is charged with the mission of identifying areas of potential improvement for delivering quality healthcare in perioperative neurosciences and critical care and means by which to measure progress in such areas.

The QPS Committee is responsible for several critical tasks that are aimed at advancing the quality of care delivered in perioperative neurosciences and critical care. The Committee’s responsibilities include identifying existing quality metrics that may apply to perioperative neurosciences and critical care, and developing strategies for the development and application of quality metrics specifically targeted to perioperative neurosciences and critical care. The committee will also identify areas, and design and implement patient-safety initiatives/campaigns relevant to perioperative neurosciences and critical care.

Additionally, the QPS Committee will interface with the educational documents committee to advance the development of quality metrics based on published guidelines. The committee will create a continued medical education curriculum related to quality and safety, which may satisfy requirements for accumulating ICPNT/ACGME/training program/MOCA quality and safety credits. Furthermore, the committee will explore strategies for national standardization of perioperative neurosciences quality metrics.

The QPS Committee consists of SNACC members interested in advancing SNACC’s mission of promoting quality and safety in the perioperative neurosciences. The QPS membership is for a term of four years, with an option to renew membership. The committee is led by a Chair (Abhijit Vijay Lele) appointed by the SNACC leadership and reporting to a designated liaison (Letha Matthews) from the Board of Directors.

The Quality & Safety Committee meets every month. The committee members are expected to attend 70% of the monthly meetings and participate in at least one project/per year.

The committee is excited to present a quality and patient safety workshop at the upcoming annual SNACC meeting. This three-hour workshop will address quality and safety related to intracranial pressure monitoring and cerebrospinal fluid diversion devices and systems.

In addition, the QPS committee is examining the quality and safety of care delivered to patients undergoing endovascular thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke.

Best regards

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