Alana M. Flexman MD, MBA, FRCPC
SNACC President

Dear SNACC Members, Colleagues, and Friends:

As spring unfolds and summer approaches, I am reminded of the importance of community and the role it plays in our lives. As members of SNACC, we share a passion for knowledge and a desire to make a positive impact on the outcomes of those facing known or potential neurologic injury through pre-clinical and clinical research, education, and the advancement of clinical practice. In this journey, I am reminded of the importance of community in achieving our goals and maintaining fulfilling careers. This spring, SNACC members will have the opportunity to come together in many ways; the virtual Spring Clinical Symposium at the end of April, the ongoing ICPNT webinars, new content through our Education Committee, and updates through our quarterly SNACC Newsletter.

Whether we are meeting in person or connecting virtually, we must continue to foster a spirit of collaboration, communication, and mutual support that allows us to work together towards our common goals. SNACC is not simply a collection of individuals pursuing our own interests; we are an interconnected community of clinicians, scholars, researchers, educators, and students who share a common goal of advancing knowledge and promoting academic excellence. At the heart of SNACC are the relationships that we build with one another. Whether it’s collaborating on research projects, sharing insights and ideas at conferences, mentoring or being mentored, or simply lending a listening ear and a word of encouragement, our connections with one another are what make SNACC so valuable and rewarding.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and I believe that our SNACC community is poised for both. We are continuing to move through the strategic planning process and working to crystalize the path forward for SNACC, with an emphasis on how best to support both our patients and our members in our mission.  We look forward to sharing the results with you at the Annual Meeting in September.

Thank you for your continued dedication to SNACC and its mission, and for being part of our dynamic community.

Best Regards

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