Neuroanesthesia Experience in Vancouver


Lilian Lukoko, MBChB (UON), Mmed Anes (AKUHN)
Nairobi, Kenya

The beginning of my fellowship in Neuroanesthesia was marked with determination to gain as much exposure as possible in the current neuroanesthesia training. I needed reinforcement as well as to be equipped with the skills that are necessary to safely and effectively conduct anesthesia for neurosurgical cases. Pursuing an ICPNT fellowship at the Vancouver General Hospital/the University of British Columbia delivered that and more.

This past year has been characterized by a number of activities. I had an opportunity to participate in anesthesia administration for various neurosurgical procedures such as intracranial tumor resection, neurovascular procedures, neuroendovascular procedures, peripheral nerve surgeries, as well as complex spine cases. I also spent time with the neuro-critical care team, where I got to learn in-depth about ICP monitoring techniques as well as general care of critical neurosurgical cases.

I found the intraoperative neuro-monitoring module a crucial additive to the program. An opportunity to learn the intricacies of monitoring the functional integrity of the nervous system and its interaction with surgery and anesthesia techniques. The non-specialty days in the operating room ensured a chance to attend to cases in other disciplines in anesthesia, thereby maintaining the skills. This is especially important as I will attend not only to neurosurgical patients back home but general surgical patients as well. This will ensure seamless continuity. I had the privilege to participate in 2 research projects, one of which is currently awaiting publication and the second one nearing completion. This opportunity has reinforced my interest and skills in research which will be a necessity in the next phase of my career.

Joining the Vancouver acute department of anesthesia (VADA) family has been a great experience. VADA, a fast-paced working environment, comprises of members who are meticulous and highly skilled in all matters of anesthesia. Working with these great minds, especially the neuroanesthesia team, taught me great work principles and skills that will continue to be a worthy influence on me. They are indeed some of the giants on whose shoulders I continue to stand to see far. I am forever indebted to them for their support.

My goal to acquire skills that would strengthen my expertise in providing exemplary neuro-anesthesia service has been achieved. As I conclude the fellowship program, I am confident that I have acquired the foundation needed to build on the practice of neuroanesthesia and neuroscience. I am excited to apply and share the skills and knowledge back home and join my colleagues in growing this field.

Lilian Lukoko, MBChB (UON), Mmed Anes (AKUHN)



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