ICPNT- Update on the Fellowship Review Committee


Jane Easdown, MDCM, MPHE, FRCPC
Member, ICPNT Executive Committee

The main function of the FRC committee is to review fellowship programs for ICPNT accreditation. The committee also reviews the annual reports and reaccreditation applications. We are currently busy with a review cycle for new programs. We have had the opportunity to rebuild the application with the assistance of our new IMI executive director, Ms. Lee Claassen, and the IT company, WizeHive. This process involved all in the ICPNT executive committee. This summer, we launched this application and the new review process. We have six programs applying for accreditation and 25 programs currently accredited.

This current review cycle began in August when the fellowship programs submitted the formative version of the new application. Each program application is assessed by three reviewers, and feedback is given to allow the program to edit and submit the final application. This feedback step is unique to our accreditation process. In January, the ICPNT meets to review the applications and make recommendations for accreditation. And then we can welcome our new fellowship programs! We expect to begin the next cycle in March 2023. And with the feedback from the fellowship programs and our reviewers, we expect to continually improve this process in the future. Also on the FRC agenda is creating a process for the annual reviews and reaccreditations. The FRC committee is looking for members who would like to review fellowship programs, so please let us know if you wish to participate. (info@icpnt.org)


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