ICPNT Review Meeting 2023

Jane Easdown, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University-retired

The ICPNT was established in 2019 with the mission to “set educational standards, foster engagement, and supervise activities that promote high quality subspecialty education in perioperative neurosciences and ultimately improve outcomes of patients with neurologic conditions in the peri-procedural period”.  It is an international council currently welcoming 35 neuroanesthesiology fellowship programs in 10 countries.  ICPNT organizes two accreditation cycles each year where reviewers assess applications and vote on accreditation status.  At the annual SNACC meeting in Alexandria, Virginia this September the members of the executive council and application reviewers met in person to discuss and vote on new programs.   The review process takes several months as the three members of each review team assess the application documents and give feedback to the program director.  As the ICPNT grows and matures as an organization, there is active discussion at these meetings and continuous improvement of the accreditation process.  The primary reviewer presents a summary of the program highlighting the strengths and areas identified for improvement.  Five new fellowship programs were accredited.  This year we were also reviewing four programs for reaccreditation.  It is the hope of ICPNT that accreditation will support the educational standards for fellowships and spur the recruitment of fellows into neuroanesthesiology programs.  These fellows will go on to become faculty, teachers, or researchers in neuroscience improving the care of neurological patients.

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