Trainee Engagement Committee Update

Jacqueline Morano, MD

Alexander Papangelou, MD

Fall is upon us. The annual conference has come and gone. It was wonderful to catch up with many of you. Our committee met in Old Town Alexandria, and we rehashed many of our successes and future-plans.

Our Neuroanesthesia Advanced Classroom is up and running. Feel free to check it out and share it with your trainees. This is largely a free resource to help guide junior and senior residents through their Neurosurgical Anesthesia rotations. It can be found within the Education Corner tab under Education and Trainees ( We continue to thank Dr. Kamilla Esfahani (Director), Dr. Lauren Dunn (Associate Director), and the entire subcommittee for their relentless effort and regular classroom curriculum updates.

Have you seen our new EEG education corner?  In the spring, we discussed a typical propofol anesthetic and case management. The article was very well-received, and we invite you to check it out in the last newsletter under the “Educational Corner” tab (  Please also have a look at the new case on propofol and ketamine in combination in the current newsletter and reach out to the authors, Drs. Smitherman, and Sonal Sharma, with comments or questions!

We continue to work on our quarterly projects and produce new educational podcasts. The JNA Podcast, focused on featured articles in the JNA, continues to be spearheaded by Dr. Shobana Rajan. Listen to our April Podcast, where Dr. Kamilla Esfahani interviewed Dr. Bhiken Naik following his publication “Incremental cost effectiveness analysis on length of stay of an enhanced recovery after spine surgery program: a single-center, retrospective cohort study.” Is ERAS really that cost effective when it comes to spine surgeries? Tune in to find out!  We will continue to target publishing 3-4 podcasts each year.

Dr. Jack Buckley continues to lead the Resident and Fellow Podcast. His team produces interviews on high-yield topics central to Neuroanesthesia education. His team has put out content on Neurosurgery and pregnancy (Dr. Benish Fatima interviewing Dr. Jeff Pasternak) and posterior fossa craniotomy (Dr. Buckley interviewing Dr. Laurel Moore). We appreciate all the hard work from Dr. Buckley and the entire team. As always, these podcasts can be found not only on our website but on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  Just search for SNACC.

Our Challenging Case team continues to produce quarterly publications in the SNACC newsletter. If you have not already read our case from the spring’s newsletter, take a look. It is a case that I am sure many of us have come across before. Drs. Emmad Kabil and Laruen Dunn describe a case of recalcitrant hypotension in a patient with heart failure undergoing intracranial resection of a meningioma. Please take a look at our new challenging case in the current newsletter submitted by Dr. Arun George.

Our discussion forum is up and running. This has been a wonderful space for residents and fellows to post interesting cases and ask fellow trainees about their experiences. There are several on-going topics of discussion including hypothermia thresholds for extubation, the use of tranexamic acid in spine surgery and more.  You can also share your EEG images through the forum and start a discussion with some of the membership experts. Keep in mind that you need to be a member of SNACC to join the conversation.

The Trainee Engagement Committee could not succeed without the efforts of our membership. The educational output requires a lot of time and effort.  We appreciate everyone who makes our committee one of the most successful in SNACC!

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