Valpuri Luoma MBChB FRCA
Chair, Communications Committee

SNACC Website Director

The Committee was delighted to support communications for the 2023 SNACC Annual Meeting, where a diverse array of speakers from around the world addressed a wide spectrum of topics in perioperative neuroscience. The event saw over 200 attendees and provided an excellent opportunity to reconnect with both longstanding and new committee members and to foster new friendships amongst the SNACC membership.

There SNACC Communications Committee continues with:

  • Chair: Dr Val Luoma
  • Social Media Chair: Dr Kathryn Rosenblatt
  • Website Director: Dr Ib Adedugbe

We would like to share some changes to the SNACC communication channels:

SNACC Announcements (eBlast)

Starting from October 2023, the SNACC eblast (SNACC Announcements) will be distributed monthly. The content will be organised around specific themes, for example ‘Education’ or ‘Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology’. Our aim is to make it simpler for SNACC members to locate content that is relevant to their interests.  Additionally, we will be testing the use of QR Codes to provide direct access to key areas of the SNACC website. You will also notice that, at the end of the eblast, there is now a direct link to the SNACC Learning Management System.


The SNACC website has undergone some refresh over the last few months. The major highlight is the new SNACC Virtual Learning Platform, also known as the SNACC Learning Management System (LMS). This is a one stop personalised curation of on-demand video recordings. This includes SNACC meetings that you have registered for in the past, as well as ICPNT webinars that you can enjoy rewatching. New content will be added over the coming year.

The LMS can conveniently be accessed in multiple ways:

  • Directly through the SNACC website under the Education and Trainees drop-down menu
  • Through SNACC member log-in
  • By following the links provided in the SNACC Announcements eblast

SNACC Annual Meeting Abstracts

If you have had an abstract accepted to a SNACC meeting in the past or just simply want to view old meeting abstracts, you can access all abstracts from the SNACC Annual Meetings published in the JNA from 2006 via the past meeting abstract page under the ‘Publications’ tab. These are free to access. Abstracts from the 2023 Annual Meeting are published in the current issue of the JNA.


Another great resource to mention is the bibliography section under the ‘Education’ tab. It is a great resource for fellowship and residency program directors to direct their fellows and residents to, for a collation of materials that cover the neuroanesthesia syllabus.


Finally, as the year comes to an end, it also draws close to membership renewal season. You can renew your membership automatically on the website or if not a current member, you can simply do so by navigating the membership page.


All SNACC members are invited to join both the SNACC and ICPNT social media communities:



  • Instagram: @icpntneuro
  • Twitter: @icpnt

Finally, thank you to all committee members for their work over the last few months. We always welcome new members and would like to encourage Trainees to join our team. If you are interested in joining or would like more information about the committee, please feel free to contact Val Luoma at or anyone else on the committee.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Figure 1. Access through the SNACC website to SNACC Learning Management System (SNACC Virtual Learning Platform) with examples of LMS content.

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