Girija Prasad Rath, MD, DM
Past Editor-in-Chief, SNACC Newsletter & SNACC Secretary-Treasurer

It’s been two years since I took over the editorship of the newsletter from Fenghua Li, MD, in 2020. Before that, I assisted Dr. Li as an editor for the newsletter since 2017, which helped me handle the newsletter’s functioning after the takeover. A revisit of a similar episode happened with the nomination of Tumul Chowdhury, MD, DM, FRCPC, as the new Editor-in-Chief, who used to contribute as an assistant editor earlier. We wish Dr. Chowdhury and his current team the best wishes for his Newsletter leadership. This newsletter issue will be the last one that I compiled as a part of the transition.

Many changes have been made to the newsletter, in its format and content, since it started as a news bulletin in 1973 when the Society was taking roots with the name ‘Neurosurgical Anesthesiology Society (NAS)’. In this context, a story of the SNACC newsletter over the years has been published in this issue. In addition, ‘Rendezvous with the Editor-in-Chief’ is an important addition to the newsletter in which senior SNACC members and renowned mentors are interviewed; this issue published the interview with Michael M Todd, MD. This issue also provides an opportunity to understand the professional career of eminent clinicians and neuroscientists Dr. Karen Domino and Dr. L Jane Easedown, who were awarded the ‘2022 Distinguished Professional Award’ and the ‘2022 Teacher of the Year- Life Time Achievement Award of SNACC, respectively.

During these two years, many have helped me improvise the newsletter further. It included our diverse editorial team comprised of Drs. Tumul Chowdhury (Canada), Priscilla Nelson (USA), Jayanth R Seshan (India), Tasha L. Welch (USA), Christopher W. Fjotland (USA), Ruquan Han (China), Juan Fiorda-Diaz (USA), and Christiano Dos Santos (USA). I thank all of them for their support and contribution. I also take this opportunity to thank the newsletter executives, Sandra Peterson of Ruggles, with whom I started newsletter work, as well as Melody Foote of IMIae, for their immense cooperation during issue preparation. Finally, I also thank all the contributors from all over the world and the readers as well in helping to spread the vision of SNACC through the newsletter. I feel enriched working with you, and I am sure it would help me pursue my vision for our Society with my new role as the SNACC Secretary-Treasurer.

Please continue to provide your feedback to Dr. Tumul Chowdhury through e-mail: tumulthunder@gmail.com.

Hope you enjoy reading the Winter issue!

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